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Opulent Embroidery for Fashion

  • Makerspace 12 Gerald Street Marrickville, NSW, 2204 Australia (map)
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Embroidery is appearing so much in Fashion. This workshop is open to those who are interested in exploring this beautiful craft for themselves.

First day – Mary will show you images of examples of opulent embroidery in fashion. Then Mary will demonstrate techniques for bead and sequin embroidery and goldwork (metal thread) embroidery over the two days. You will do samples for each technique in the workshop.

Students in this class will:

  1. learn about the different needles that they will use in the workshop and how to
    thread them

  2. learn to identify the different metal threads, beads and sequins

  3. learn a variety of bead & sequin embroidery techniques

  4. learn a variety of goldwork embroidery techniques

  5. be taught how to transfer designs onto fabric

What to bring

  1. a ring frame (also called a hoop frame) that is about 25cm in diameter – must be a wooden frame, not a plastic frame (Mary recommends ‘Crewel Gobelin’ in Marion Street, Killara, ‘Stitch’ in Willoughby Rd or ‘Morris and Sons’ at 50 York St, Sydney)

  2. a foam bead mat or a lid (like an ice cream container lid) to stop the beads from rolling all over the place!

  3. a piece of fabric that must be closely woven and must be a good weight – not something flimsy. It must be big enough for the frame you will be using with fabric ‘left over’ around the outside of the frame

  4. a small, very sharp pair of scissors (Mary recommends – ring them and tell them what you are after and their service is quick)

  5. a pair of tweezers

  6. a G-clamp that will allow you to attach your frame to the table – not a huge one – buy one that you can open up enough to accommodate the depth of your frame and the depth of a typical table.

  7. Notepad and pen (biro).

Mary will be putting together a kit of materials for each student, which will include: metal threads for goldwork embroidery, beads and sequins. Mary will also include the various needles that will be used, a small piece of velvet for the cutting of purls (they are one type of metal thread).

What you will learn

  • Learn how to frame up for embroidery

  • Learn about the different needles that they will use in the workshop and how to thread them

  • Learn to identify the different metal threads, beads and sequins

What you will get

  • Expert tuition from an expert coach.

Appropriate for

Open to everyone interested!

PRICE — $240 for 2 sessions
CLASS SIZE — Maximum 10 people
VENUE — Makerspace, 12 Gerald Street, Marrickville NSW 2204
LENGTH — 8 hours across 2 sessions
CATEGORY — Fashion, Textiles

If you would like to participate, please use the contact page to secure your attendance or click Learn More and book via Makerspace.