Consultation & Education

Mary is available for consultative and collaborative work in embroidery education, metal thread embroidery and fashion embroidery.

  • The Embroiderers’ Guild N.S.W. approached Mary to overhaul their Intermediate Historical & Contemporary Embroidery Course. She engaged a team and redesigned it to be a two year assessed course. A rigorous design process component was also introduced into the course.
  • Dr Tim Hunter, a Medieval Art Historian and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in London, consulted Mary in 2012 about a pair of rare Medieval metal thread embroideries. Consultation was ongoing in 2014.
  • Currently collaborating with Dr Hweifen Cheah, an independent researcher of vintage Straits Chinese and Malay gold thread embroidery. This will culminate in an exhibition in the Perenakan Museum,  Singapore in 2016.

Mary has delivered and is available for lectures or talks (with a powerpoint presentation) on:

  • The history of metal thread embroidery.
  • The history of embroidery within the West’s ‘Fashion System’ with its ceaseless transformations at the behest of the aristocracy, from the medieval period to the Napoleonic era.
  • The employment of the traditional craft of embroidery in the couture and prêt-à-porter fashion industry.
  • The Shock of the New in embroidery for fashion.
  • Embroidery as the means of expression for contemporary fine artists.

Mary offers tutoring to private clients in ecclesiastical work. She has had a great deal of experience in working with Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and very recently, Egyptian Coptic embroiderers.

Private tutoring in embroidery techniques, especially metal thread embroidery, is also offered to senior secondary Visual Arts and Textile & Design students and tertiary Fine Arts and Fashion & Textile students.

For enquiries about consultative and collaborative work, talks with powerpoint presentations and private tuition please contact Mary.

If interested in Mary’s workshops at the Embroiderers’ Guild N.S.W., please view the Guild’s website or contact the Guild on (02)9743 2501.

Mary Brown - Byzantine Angel - 2006